Erotic Massages in Amsterdam

Steamy Massages provides erotic massages to hotels and private residents in Amsterdam and surrounding dutch cities. We have some of the most beautiful masseuses from around Europe providing an array of different erotic massage packages, each one specially tailored to suite our clients varying sexual needs.

Our massages are designed to provide an erotic experience that will leave you both physically relaxed and sexually satisfied. At Steamy Massages we are not looking to tease our customers with erotic massages which don't lead anywhere, rather our goal is to facilitate in your sexual release. 

Erotic Massage Packages

Listed below are our erotic massage packages on offer. It should be noted that these packages can be adapted to suite your needs, in fact we encourage our clients to be creative in tailoring our services. For a full price break-down of additional extras please see our Price List.


NURU Massage

Nuru massage is an erotic massage in which the masseuse uses her entire body to massage the client while covered in odorless oils. The Nuru massage is fast becoming one of the most popular erotic massages in Amsterdam. Our adaptation of the Nuru massage comes with the added bonus of a happy ending.

150 per hour


4 Hands Erotic Massage

As its name suggests the 4 Hand Erotic Massage has two masseuses performing an erotic massage at the same time. If you've never tried multiple masseuses then this is an erotic experience you simply don't want to miss out on. Visually and physically this massage is like no other.

€300 per hour


Body to Body Erotic Massage

The Body to Body Erotic Massage is in concept similar to the Nuru massage, however we have adapted it to provide our clients with an erotic massage more akin to what they expect. Ultimately this massage is design to stimulate to the point of release. 

150 per hour

Amsterdam Hotel Massages

There is nothing quite like having an erotic massage after a long day at the office. Tired, stressed and preoccupied with working, this is no way to begin a good nights rest, yet it's the story of many a business man. We however have a far better idea ... why not have a sensual erotic massage by a gorgeous young woman whose only focus is to satisfy your every need and when you're done you're already relaxed in bed ready for a good nights rest. 

What's stopping you? 

Many a business man have thought about the idea but are often too afraid of what hotel staff or other guests might think about such services. Stop thinking about this, you're in Amsterdam, the land of the sexually free, people don't bat an eyelid about things like this, in fact one of Amsterdam's major tourist attractions is sex (Red Light District). That being said, we also value our customer's privacy and therefore operate at a very discrete level. Our masseuses are well dressed and present themselves like any other quest, seamlessly passing in and out of hotels. 

Common Questions ?


All expenses are included in the price. We charge 150 Euros per hour and this includes travel, oils and condoms. It should be pointed out that extra services can be purchased in addition to the standard massage packages but these are extras. 


Yes you can ... in fact we encourage this. During all massages the masseuse will be naked, for certain erotic massages the masseuse will use her entire body as part of the massage. 


Yes you can .... BUT, this is not part of the standard 150 Euros per hour. If you could like to convert your erotic massage into sex you need to pay extra for this service. 


This is not part of our erotic massage packages, however we do have masseuses which do offer this service for an additional 50 Euros. It is recommended that you request this service prior to the booking to allow us to provide the correct girl for you.



Anal is a specialist service and we do charge extra (100 Euros) ... please note, this service must be preordered as not all our masseuses offer this service.  

Can I have an erotic massage in my hotel room

Of course ... this is our primary service. We provide erotic massages to hotels in Amsterdam and surrounding areas.